Odd Jobs

Of course, this lifestyle must be maintained financially and I’m not prepared to buy a bunch of business casual attire and send out resumes and beg for work. I just have no interest in it yet. So I do whatever I can find (as long as there’s no time commitment) and do that to scrape by. Most recently I’ve been doing a fair amount of work as a carpet cleaner in Mobile, AL for a small business in town. It’s pretty boring but I get to put on headphones and turn my brain off for hours at a time. It’s actually somewhat cathartic.

I spend a few hours a week as a dog-walker too. This is the best possible side job and if I could do it full time, I would do it forever and ever. Basically I have an app on my phone, and when people need somebody to go tend to or walk their dog, they ping me (like Uber) and it includes instructions to get into their house and instructions about the pet. If I’m free, I accept the ping and head over. There’s something entirely fascinating about being inside the home of somebody I’ve not met before. Not in a creepy way, but it’s interesting to observe the lives of strangers (with consent of course).  Plus then I get to hang out with a dog for an hour or two and walk around the city, stop at parks, chat with other dog-owners/walkers.

For a few hours a week I teach piano at a music school in my neighborhood. I’m not great at piano, but I’m better than the five and seven year olds I teach. It’s fun to hang out with kids who are just learning about music and learning how valuable it can be in their lives. I like to imagine that I’m laying the groundwork for them to give a shit about music and someday in the future they’ll hear the song that moves them.

And finally, I was dishes at my buddy’s diner. This is the literal worst side job I do. The feeling of wet food on my fingers is abhorrent! I can’t even talk about it. I just can’t say no to my friend and he just keeps asking. I’m doomed by my inability to say no!