Gay Punks

Punk rock is pretty down with gay shit. I mean, the whole point of punk is pretty anti-establishment so I never felt like I had to conform to anything as far as sexual or gender-normative behavior. That said, I’m pretty masculine in pretty much every sense of it. It’s just that, I am attracted to and have sex and romance exclusively with men.

This has never been an issue for me as far as how I identified, it was never an issue for my parents who very kindly and patiently let me come out in my way and then said, “yes, we know dear” and it was never an issue for my bandmates who have less groupie competition this way. Just kidding, we don’t have groupies. They’re both into women, I’m into men. We’re so modern! And punk rock is just supposed to break barriers.

My gay punk rock uniform is black skinny jeans, black t-shirt, and black loafers. Anything else is excessive. Gretchen and Derek somehow still get away with dressing like 90’s style goths which is great, they share clothes and make-up and accessories. Somehow though, we still manage to look fairly professional on stage. I think image matters. I think our image says, “image doesn’t matter.” I appreciate the dichotomy.

We do get asked to do a fair number of queer punk festivals and stuff, but we tend to say no. We’re definitely open about how we identify, we don’t lie or hide anything about our behaviors or habits, but we also don’t feel like it’s valuable for us as individuals or as a band to identify musically as anything besides punk rock.

Everything is too categorized and compartmentalized now. And I don’t really want to fit into any compartments. Punk rock is not about fitting into the punk rock box. Being gay is not about fitting into the gay box. Being brown is not about fitting into the brown box.